Civil wars of the Tetrarchy in the Roman Empire

The Civil wars of the Tetrarchy in the Roman Empire was a long civil war between pretenders to throne of Emperor. It's hard to decide who of them was usurpator, who was the true Emperor. The war lasted about 2 decades and raised to power cruel and very famous today general Constantine, who became the sole ruler in the whole Empire. Later Constantine made Christianity the official religion in Rome Empire and founded new capital of the state, which was known as Constantinople until 1453, when was conquered by the Ottomans. There is a little of media-files about this events, but some of them you can see beneath

Severus, the Emperor in West part of Empire since 306

Licinius, the Augustus in the west since 311
Depiction of the Bttle of Milvian Bridge on Arch of Constantine in Rome

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