5 The Best Blogs

Hi, everyone! It's time to talk about blogs. Everybody loves blog. We are going to talk about the best world free blogs. I got to know about some of them just some days ago and was a little suprised. So, the top 5 blogs

* Blog.com: Easy-to-use blog, everyone can write a post just after regestration. The first thing you see after being loged in is useful dashboard, in which you can instantly write and send your post. One of the most powerfull blogs. Evaluate a test post on this blog: http://historystack.blog.com/2016/06/22/timelines-and-cotton-mills/
* Medium.com: This blog affer to you the fastet way to write a post. The first thing you see on the dashboard is tip, showing hot keys. You can just press some keys to customize a font or insert an image. All you need is under your hand. See example: https://medium.com/@timeline/timelines-and-megaliths-1f4cf134c586#.5elymyfkr
* Blogger.com: According to alexa.com it is the most popular blog in the World. It is not surprise, because Google is owner of this service and has many ways to promote it. It's blog is power enaugh, and you can link your Google analitics account, or AdWords ads. However you will have to wait until Goole prove your blog, and it can take a lot of time. Official blog of Historystack project: http://historystack.blogspot.com/
* Livejournal.com: One of the oldest blogs. It is not very easy-to-use and its design isn't very modern, but it has enaugh large audience. It's especially popular in Easern Europe. A blog on Livejournal in Russian http://historystack.livejournal.com/
* Penzu.com: The worst blog of these five ones. And it would be much better if it was not developed with AJAX. All content is loaded on a page dynamically, so it is hidden for search engine. If you suppose that only your relatives will read your blog, you are welcom. Launch with develper tools if you want to see how JSON objects kill your serchability https://penzu.com/public/122f4d75

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