Jean Jacques Dessalines on Social Medias

Hi, sweets! Today I want to share with you some links from social networks. Almost all of them concern to the previous topic, mister Dessalines.

  • Lifestream. A social service launched by AOL. It's easy to include other services to add post from them. On our account you can find some links about topic.
  • Webs.com. Not the best blog service which I have ever used, but it's free. The mentioned blog contains some interesting articles.
  • Wixsite.com. A blog service providing full control of your blog. There are some cool free templates. Follow link to see beautiful example of blog and comprehensive article about Jean Jacques Dessalines.
  • Bobrdobr. A Russian bookmark service. Boring ads and strange design. Maybe you find some interesting links there.
  • Bookmarky. One more bookmark service. From Czech Republic this time. Follow some interesting links shared in this account.
  • Spinsnap. A service similar to StumbleUpon, but it's a little stupid one. There are a lot of bugs and ugly moments on it.
  • Weebly. A free blog. Beautiful design, easy-to-use, and absolutely free. Besides you will read a nice article about our topic if you follow the link.

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