Some Cool Online Services

Hello. Do you remember what we talk last time about? Yes, about the first Emperor of Haity Dessalines. Today I want to share some nice resources and a bit of information on them about our hero. You are already familiar with some of this resources, some of them are new. So let's commence...
  • The first site is Newsvine. It is some kind of bookmard service. Here is an example of sharing your source on it.
  • Next one is Classicalplace. This resource was created as social network for musicians and fans of classical music, but on your account you have own blog in which you can go out of sphere of music. See here how it looks.
  • The next resource is well-known blog Wordpress. Is is absolutely free and very handy tool to post your articals. Look how great is it with default theme.
  • Instapaper is a service that represents any page in the Interent for you in so called quite format. Only content, no sidebars and advertisement. Read pages piecefully and silently.
  • Apsense is a good social network. Here you can conntct to other people, share information with them, post an artical and start a blog.
  • Folkd is online service similar to reddit and so on. Here you post a link, other people vote for it and the best ones raise on rating to get good visibility. You can find links for appropriate topic, for example about our favourite
  • And at last but no at least your favorit Pinterest. Here see fine set of pictures linked with Haitian Revolution and mister Dessalines. By the way, one of these pictures you can see at the top of the page.

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