Top 5 Question and Answers Services

Hi, everyone! Today I am going to talk about two vital topic. One of them you see in title of the post. This is Q&A services. You knows, such a websites where you ask a question and a crowd tries to answer it. Another theme I concern in this post is my new passion, early history of Earth. One good article, which I am going to talk about next time, inspired me to study this topic. I and my college Alex rushed to study, ask and answer different questions about evolution of the Earth. Then I choose some most notable of them and decided share my experience and mention about it. So we commence...
  • Reddit. Very popular social network. Users can share links, ask questions, answer and comment them. But, unfortunately, our share link didn't get strong response...
  • Quora. One of the best services focused on question and answers. It hard to find doubled question. Answers are usually full and comprehensive. The service allows insert images in video and give valuable link. But, our post was marked as uncompleted despite two links to respectable sources and one image. Probably is happened because of high competitions in this question.
  • answers.wikia.com. Good service. Does not allow you to enhance your answer with HTML mark-up, but allows to post links. There are a lot of both answered and un-answered questions. But probably this resource have a lack of moderation.
  • yahoo.com. Yahoo is one the most popular resources in the Internet, so amount of people using the service is really impressive. Despite its popularity you can see abusing or politically incorrect question, sometimes even images, which are not safe for work. To add a link to your answer you have to gain great reputation answering a lot of question, and it is very difficult. You even cannot share a great link to authoritative source.
  • wiki.answers.com. IMHO, Actually, it is not the worse service in the World. A quite ugly in publishing, but good in getting useful informaition.

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