Prince Faisal. One Historical Assassination

Who of the prominent sovereigns was killed while an endeavor to assassinate him? Almost everyone remembers Lincoln, Caesar, maybe Russian czar Alexander II... The series could be lasted by a less prominent person, king of Saudi Arabia Faisal. However the post today will not be about the ruler, but in contrary about the killer.

King of Saudi Arabia Faisal
The assassin, we should mention, was king's relative and was his namesake, Faisal ibn Musaid. He originated from a famous family of Saudis, so one relative of him, Abdurrahman, was a significant magnate and head of the soccer club. Another of relatives was fervent member of a strictly Sunni sect and was killed while a remonstrance struggling against the a television. In Muslim world, an depiction of alive creature is prohibited. That is why the supporters of the Faisal's relative started a strike, in the time of which he was assassinated.

In the UAE, folk have the privilege to get education at any college in the World. It is a question about the citizens in Arabia, however the members of the ruling branch are also have good opportunities. Faisal's brother, mentioned in previous paragraph, got a degree at France, and Khalid was able to learn at several universities in America. However, while studying, the youthful guy was seized by authorities for the sharing the drugs, for that, after Faisal's arrival from the US, the government voided his documents.

Whether due to the documents, or for another causes, however bin Musaid had arranged a bad thing. On sunny morning the ruler carried out majlis, which refers to sort of a king's talk with his visitors. That time the king talked with the foreign representatives, and Faisal attached to them. When the crowd approached to the king, he recognized his nephew and bowed the cheek so the nephew could give smacking kisses, however the nephew made a shot in his own uncle two times. The security guard of the king took out cold steel (except for guns the guys were armed with swords), and grasped the murderer.

At first the murderer was claimed to be insane, however having thought for the situation, guys determined to kill the the guy in the end. Just after the trial, the vehicles reproducers called to arrive and look at the bin Musaid's murder. When the people gathered the assassin's head was cut off with a single hit of the gilded sword, and then the head was shown for twenty minutes on a wood picket for any guy to look at. Soon guys grasped the corpse and the head from picket, and carried these parts in the hospital. Such a pitiful final.

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