7 the Most Famous Castles in the World

7 castles that everyone knows almost since childhood. If you don't know any castle in the list it is worth to read this post. The photos and some information were taken here, the list of the best castles in the world on Histroystack.

  1. Windsor Castle. One of the most recognizable castle in the World. It was initially the residence of English kings, today is the main residence of British one. The castle was founded just after Norman conquest of England to control routes via the river Thames and was reconstructed and enlarged by a number of rulers in different times of his history. 
  2.   Tower of London. It is the second castle in the list located in British territory but it is very similar to Windsor Castle. The Tower of London was also built after conquest of England by the Normans, and has some similarities with one in Windsor. For some centuries it was used as political prison, where some former English rulers were kept. One of them was Anne Boleyn. It also kept in awe many opponents of reigning family.
  3. Edinburgh Castle. The third and the last castle in British isles in this list. It was built in early stage of wars between England and Scotland and was the main stronghold of the Scots for the centuries. Today it is one of the symbols of Edinburgh and many thousands tourists visit Scotland just in order to see this legendary landmark. The majority of them visit the city in the summer, when Edinburgh hosts Edinburgh festival where the castle becomes very popular venue.
  4. Rumeli. The single castle in this list outside Europe, but it located just in some hundreds meters from Europe. Usually we associate castle with Western Europe, but it is both very beautiful and historically important. It was built shortly before the turning event in European history - the fall of Constantinople. Turkish sultan Mehmet II, who sometimes is called Mehmet the Conqueror, ordered to built it to facilitate conquest of Byzantium.
  5. Mont Saint-Michel. Honestly, this architecture object is not true castle, but often included in number of them. Started as a monastery on island, it was fortified for some centuries and get its modern shape only in year 1520. Sometimes Mont Saint-Michel is called one of the symbols of France. Its extraordinary appearance mirroring on surface of water attract attention of crowds of people from all over the World. 
  6. Château de Chambord. One more castle form France. As Mont Saint-Michel it is not true medieval castle, that was built to resist attacks of cruel enemies. As many analogs of early baroque is was build as mansion of king of France Francis I. Large number of flues, curved sculptures, stylish towers makes the castle the most beautiful one among the wide number of castle on the Loire River.
  7. Neuschwanstein Castle. The most fabulous castle in this list and in the World at all. Everyone has seen at least once the copy of this castle on Walt Disney's logo. Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Disney's staff to use it also as the castle in some cartoons, such as Cinderella. One notable moment is that the castle located in high mountains in Bavaria region, Germany, so it is integrated in beautiful landscape.

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